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Letter To Parents


Dear Parents,


On behalf of Windmill Townhomes and Duplexes we welcome you! We are very excited to welcome you, your sons, and your daughters to your beautiful home away from home community. We recognize your important role, as parents and family members, in our community. We know it can be nerve racking and stressful to watch your son or daughter move away to college. We also know you want them to be successful on their path through college. It is important for us that you know we want the same thing for them! We have an open door policy for our student residents service needs. We want to provide a living-learning experience and are committed to a vision of creating community with rights, respect, and responsibility. In this way, we hope to help challenge them to reach their potential and become well-rounded men and women for and with others.


To further put your mind at ease, we provide free 24 / 7 / 365 emergency maintenance, for those unexpected things that occur at midnight!


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Helpful Steps For Parents


  1. Fill out the Lease Contract Guaranty Application

  2. Email the filled application to
    OR mail it to 109 Windmill Dr A1, San Marcos, TX 78666

  3. Make sure Applicant calls the leasing office and makes an appointment to sign the Rental Lease within 60 days of their move-in date. Allow at least 30 minutes for this process. Parents and Guarantors do not have to be present at the lease signing.

  4. Make sure Applicants have made arrangements to have electric and Internet turned on before move-in date. Utility Company DOES NOT work on weekends. Applicant will have the physical address for their utilities on their copy of the lease.

  5. Remind tenants that full rent and water is due on the first of every month of their lease.

Parent Information


We attract and market to residents who are serious about their education.

Windmill Townhomes is NOT party central. We believe that all residents have the right to sleep at night, and that they should NEVER be subjected to excessive noise that prevents them from being able to sleep after 10:00 P.M. every night. No one lives above or below any of our floor plans witch helps with the tranquility. This is what sets us apart from all the much larger student properties in San Marcos, TX.


What about financial aid - you still need a guarantor?

Yes, because financial aid is NOT a guaranty of payment for a year. In fact, it is revocable by the State.


Why do you they need a guarantor?

We need a guarantor when the applicant does not meet our income and credit requirements. Refer to our Resident Qualifying Criteria form for more information.


What utilities are included?

Trash and recycling are included. Tenants are responsible for electricity and water.  On average, electricity is about $100 and water is about $50 per month.


How close to campus is the apartment?

The apartments are about 3 blocks from the center of campus, a short walk or ride. A car is not necessary to commute to Texas State under normal circumstances because of our close proximity.

We have an on-site maintenance staff who address maintenance issues promptly.

Our dedicated maintenance technician has spare parts on-site, an array of tools that facilitate prompt and complete in-house maintenance and repairs of common issues that arise.


Are pets allowed?

No dogs allowed.

Cats allowed with a $300 non-refundable pet fee for each cat.


Are rents per bedroom?

No, rents are for the entire apartment. We do not rent per bedroom.


Are Windmill Townhomes leases individual leases?

No. We find Individual leases to be misleading. It is true you're not liable for roommates' monthly rent, but you are still liable for all the roommates' and roommates' guests' damages to the townhome and building. If a tenant can't trust their roommate to be able to pay their rent on time, we would rather rent to roommates that can. This policy also helps us keep a small, clean and quiet community so close the the University.


We specialize in working with first time renters.

We specialize in working with first time renters. We know that many of our residents have no prior rental experience, and that our role is to educate as well as to provide clean, quiet, and comfortable housing. This is our mission, what we have signed up to do, and we do it very well.

How can I pay the Application Fee and Deposit?

We accept Venmo (@windmilltownhomes), check, or money order. Payments for other charges should be made on

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