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Maintenance Tips



Dear Resident,


While we consistently do our best to take care of your maintenance needs, we need your assistance to ensure your maintenance requests are resolved in a timely and efficient manner. To help us towards this goal, we are asking you to please use to submit maintenance requests. This method ensures our response will be much faster and efficient than coming to, or calling, the office and leaving a message.


We try to respect your time by not coming into your unit too early in the morning before 10:00 AM, unless otherwise pre-arranged. We would ask that you also respect our maintenance personnel's time as well by arranging maintenance appointments timely during business hours, except for emergencies.


Air Conditioning


To keep your unit as cool as possible, please keep your A/C vents closed downstairs. This will force more air upstairs. The HOT air downstairs is sucked through the return air vent. There will still be enough pressure downstairs to let air through the vents and it will balance out. Make sure you do not put any furniture in front of the return air vent downstairs. This will block the A/C's air intake and could cause your A/C not to work properly or efficiently. Also, remember that the maintenance staff needs to get to the return vent to replace your A/C filter when needed.


If for some reason your A/C ices up, turn the "Heat/Off/Cool" switch to "Off". Turn the Fan switch "On". Place a work order online using ASAP so we can fix the problem. Maintenance will not come out at night to service your A/C, so please place your online maintenance request as soon as possible during business hours, so we can order the repair parts needed.


Emergency-Only Answering Service


(512) 215-3745 is for emergency issues ONLY. Do not use this number if it has nothing to do with a maintenance issue. We realize that all maintenance issues are a nuisance, but not always an emergency. Always go online and make a maintenance request first.


If you feel you have a maintenance emergency, call the EMERGENCY ONLY ANSWERING SERVICE (512) 215-3745, LEAVE A CALL BACK NUMBER with the unit #, and be sure to speak slowly and clearly. The on-call person will evaluate your request. If it is determined that your request is an emergency, we will call you back. If it is considered a non-emergency, we will check back with you at the earliest possible time during business hours.


Here are some examples which would be considered an emergency:


Standing Water

Water running on to the floor. If you have water leaking on to the floor, try to find where it's coming from. There are shut-off valves under each toilet and under each sink. Try to get the water turned off. If you get it turned off, it is no longer an emergency, unless there is water standing that you can't mop up, or your carpet is soaked. Call the office first and leave a message if no one answers. Then, call the emergency number.



If you lose electricity, check to see if others in the complex are out or if it is only your unit. If others are out, it is a city problem. Call San Marcos Electric Utility at (512) 393-8383. If you are the only one out, call the office and leave a message. If no one answers, call the EMERGENCY ONLY ANSWERING SERVICE (512) 215-3745.



If you have a fire, dial 911. Fires are always an emergency. You should have a working extinguisher under your sink. If you don't, call the office right away. As a reminder, Bar-B-Q pits in your units or on your unit deck are PROHIBITED by city ordinance at any time. DO NOT bring them to your unit.



If for some reason you get locked out of your unit, call or visit the office during business hours. If no one is in the office, you can leave a message for the EMERGENCY ONLY ANSWERING SERVICE (512) 215-3745. Remember you will be required to pay a maintenance fee of $50 in cash to be let in after 4:00 PM weekdays and at any time on weekends.



If your heater should quit during extreme cold weather make an online maintenance request first and then call the EMERGENCY ONLY ANSWERING SERVICE (512) 215-3745.


General Maintenance Requests


If you discover a problem that needs attention, please report it immediately on Don't wait until late in the day to report it, especially on Friday, or your wait time may longer than usual for resolution.


We want to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible, but we do need your assistance so that all maintenance issues are resolved in a timely manner.


Thank you,


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