Read these steps carefully and you shouldn’t have any problem pre-leasing at the small, clean and quiet community of Windmill Townhomes and Duplexes.

Pre-Leasing Steps

  1. Choose 3 floor plans from either this web site or the brochures. If any of the floor plans you have chosen are not available by the date requested, we will notify you at least 60 days before the expected move-in date. Your deposit will be refunded. However, your deposit is NOT refundable if you cancel a pre-lease.
  2. Click on Appointments on the website to make an appointment to view one of the floor plans available for viewing. It is very important to use the website for all appointments.
  3. While in the office, ask to fill out Rental Applications and pay your Application Fee and Deposit. The Application Fee is $25.00 and the Deposit is $250.00 per person. Have photo ID ready so that we can copy it for the application process. Checks or Money Orders Only - No Cash or Credit Cards for Applications Accepted.
  4. Turn in your Lease Contract Guaranty Application Forms (co-signer forms) within 7 days of turning in your Deposit and Rental Applications.
  5. Three days after the Lease Contract Guaranty Application Forms are turned in, email the office to verify if your applications are approved.
  6. If the applications are approved, email the office within 60 days of your move-in date to receive your new address and floor plan style.
  7. Within 60 days of your move-in date, email the office to make an appointment to sign your Rental Lease. Allow at least 30 minutes for this process. Click here to see a Sample Lease Agreement.
  8. Enjoy your stay with us at Windmill Townhomes and Duplexes!